Understanding how to reduce public risk from the spread of tuberculosis.

Name of the Grantee:

The Foundation for Medical Research, Mumbai


Project duration: 3 years

Objective of Project:

The proposed study aims to acquire new knowledge regarding the mechanism of TB transmission by studying the effect of treatment on infectiousness of TB bacteria.

In the Impact Factor :

It has been estimated that one person with active untreated TB disease can infect 10-15 people within a very short time, with family members at heightened risk of being infected by the disease. The knowledge from this study will help devise content to advise patients and their families on how to prevent transmission in their homes and may help guide administrative policies for preventing transmission in health care settings.

Current Achievement:

  • Tested masks worn by patients as a source for isolating TB bacteria to understand early changes brought by drugs on bacteria
  • Devised experimental methods to determine the effect of treatment on infectiousness of TB bacteria

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