Tuberculosis Monitoring Enhancement Adherence Drive (TMEAD)

Name of the Grantee: 
SenseDose Technologies

Problem Statement:
Pertaining to poverty, Adhering daily to a highly taxing, draining drug regimen is hard for most TB patients in India. The lack of treatment adherence is a major cause of MDR TB, Nearly 55 percent of the patients in the public sector do not complete treatment regimens. 

Impact Factor:
SenseDose Technologies is aiming to create a seamless, easy-to-use device (TMEAD) which monitors and ensures patient adherence, while also creating a detailed, automated adherence dashboard of all patients for health workers and policymakers to prioritize their resources towards patient adherence.

The TMEAD device is hence a solution for both the patients and the TB control officers. The device acts as a valuable tool to reduce the burden of TB health visitors (TBHVs), who are government employed field workers who ensure treatment adherence. TMEAD streamlines patient adherence monitoring, while also optimizing the use of TBHVs to monitor cases where personal monitoring is especially necessary. TMEAD can potentially integrate seamlessly with a private healthcare provider as well, allowing clinicians treating TB patients to monitor patient adherence with an app or an online dashboard. Completing the treatment for TB is one of the most resource intensive phases in the TB value chain, and TMEAD has the potential to provide a seamless, simple and easily implementable solution for it.

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