Designing an immune-visual assay for early detection of M.tuberculosis from culture

Name of the Grantee:

National Institute for Research on Tribal Health


3 years

Objective of Project:

To develop an immunovisual assay for early detection of M.tuberculosis (MTB) from culture as well as sputum specimens

Impact Factor or Potential:

The proposed assay will provide the alternative assay of smear microscopy which is less sensitive test at designated microscopy centers (DMCs) where sophisticated equipments and infrastructure is not available (BSL-II & III facility). The test requires only a water bath. The assay also has the advantage in terms of cost and instruments requirement. Moreover the patients suffering from Tuberculosis and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis needs to be followed by culture. The proposed assay can be used for follow up of patients by aiding early detection thereby reducing their suffering and cost of treatment.

Current Achievement:

  • The protocol of immune-visual assay has been developed and is in the process of standardization.
  • The developed test is still under validation process.

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