Quest for Innovations towards Eliminating Malaria

Can your innovation help fast-track Malaria elimination efforts in India?

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The Malaria Quest is an ambitious nationwide search for innovations working towards addressing the unconquered frontiers of ending malaria in India. It aims to support and catalyze innovations to solve key challenges in combating malaria in India to help eliminate this ancient disease within the next decade.

The Quest invites product and process innovations focussed on bringing transformative and non-linear change in the following areas:

  • Innovative Technologies to Strengthen Surveillance: Accurate Estimate of Disease burden, Data-Based-Decision Making and Risk-Prediction from the public and private sector
  • Developing innovative methods of vector control and personal protection for enhancing or complementing current strategies
  • Improving logistical modalities and quality assurance for malaria consumables
  • Consistently detecting and diagnosing cases of malaria, both in high and low endemicity regions

The Quest invites applications that propose an innovative product or process for addressing any of the problem statements. 


  1. The innovation should have completed the proof of concept stage and validation stage.
  2. Validation data should be readily available for justifying support for next stage.
  3. The project should be ready for scale-up, which signifies that the innovation should be in a stage where it can be deployed in a field area for validation and testing.
  4. Applications must be submitted by registered and incorporated entities.

Co-funding could be considered for supplementing parts of a proposal. However, the applicant should make sure to disclose in case the proposal has been submitted to, or if a part of it is being funded by another donor agency.


  • Milestone based funding for supporting clinical validation, clinical investigation, Beta Prototyping, Clinical Trials, Feasibility Studies, Confirmatory Testing and Pilot Introduction

  • Collective Engagement with Top Global Stakeholders of Malaria and access to the global ecosystem working towards Malaria elimination

  • Direct Program Engagement support with clear focus on seamless integration with National Plans

  • Hands on mentoring through a handpicked committee of experts for navigating regulatory landscape and understanding national market dynamics

  • Opportunity to receive support from India Health Fund’s partners in raising subsequent rounds of funding (subject to due diligence)

Application Dates: July 8, 2019 to Sep. 2, 2019

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