Gazelle, the HemexDx Device

Name of the Grantee:
Hemex Health 

Problem Statement:

Achieving Malaria elimination in India requires a reliable, efficient and quick diagnostic procedure. Current diagnostics rely on multiple genetic markers and enzymes for diagnosing Malaria. Some of the current rapid diagnostic kits, which are increasingly becoming the mainstay of Malaria diagnosis, have some limitations such as their resilience to environmental conditions and their inability to diagnose parasites with some mutations.

Impact Factor:
Gazelle, the HemexDx device, employs the magneto-optical detection of hemozoin, a cellular byproduct of Malaria infection which is a reliable marker of Malaria infection. The device uses cutting-edge technology for the detection of Malaria using a small blood sample and provides a result in only one minute. Gazelle diagnoses both major Malaria species found in India, and is a compact, lightweight, battery-operated reader that works in resource-restricted settings such as remote village laboratories and clinics where power supply is limited. It is a resilient, durable device which can withstand harsh weather conditions, and can be utilized for a large number of tests. It also allows for data transfer to a central cloud, hence minimizing data losses and ensuring streamlined data capture and transfer.

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