About us

The India Health Fund (IHF) – an initiative led by Tata Trusts, in collaboration with The Global Fund– serves as an engine for social investment to fight the grave public health challenges of tuberculosis (TB) and malaria in India.

Tuberculosis & Malaria, together, account for over 4.23 lakh (0.42 million) deaths annually in India alone. The Government of India (GoI) is committed to eradicating TB by 2025 and malaria by 2030. The India Health Fund is conceptualized to be an able private-sector partner for the GoI.

The fund endeavours to supplement and augment the GoI's efforts by optimising resources and expertise to create comprehensive solutions for the combat against TB and malaria.


IHF aims to accelerate the fight against TB and malaria by supporting causes that are aligned with national strategies. IHF is committed to:

  • 1 Advance the fight against TB and malaria through innovative solutions thereby reducing burden, costs and human suffering.
  • 2 Engage India's creative and innovative minds to create solutions for TB and malaria.
  • 3 Bring together resources and expertise through partnerships to ensure easy access to experiment with innovative solutions.
  • 4 Harness the unique energy of entrepreneurship to take innovations to scale and create impact by tapping private sector expertise and finance.
  • 5 Build an expanding network of programmes and partners to create comprehensive solutions for TB and malaria.

Focus areas

IHF's outreach programmes are concentrated around four main priorities:

  • 1 Transform existing programmes
  • 2 Strengthen health systems
  • 3 Support research and innovations
  • 4 Foster strategic alliances

The India Health Fund aims to support new products and strategies that impact the entire lifecycle of TB and malaria from prevention to post-cure recovery.